Seniors (Medicare)
As a senior, you have many options to choose from for your health coverage. This section pulls together senior health related information all in one convenient location for you. The various senior health coverage options listed below describe some of their differences and offer links to resources for you. You should consider your personal needs and finances before making any choice.
Medicare, the federal government’s popular health insurance program for seniors (and younger people with permanent disabilities), covers nearly 60 million Americans, and adds more all the time: 10,000 baby boomers retire every day.
Among the reasons for Medicare’s popularity is not just that it covers a tremendous range of medical services — which it does — but also that (long before Obamacare) it doesn’t exclude preexisting conditions. The downsides are, despite having kicked in 2.9 percent of every paycheck for most of your working life, it isn’t free, and it doesn’t cover everything.

If you’re about to wade in — and we all will, sooner or later — it’s helpful to know how Medicare is sectioned, and also how several key terms apply.